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August 2018

“El León y El Cordero” (The Lion and The Lamb)

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When it comes to my God, the radical changes often come from the seemingly little things… and that is what He showed me through my experiences in Panamá. 

God began preparing my heart for this country back in August of 2017. I had dealt with constant rejection from missions trips all around the world, but I knew that I had remain strong in my calling to serve Him. One day in early August, a friend sent me the link to the WOL Student Fusion Trips and suggested that I check them out. My heart was in a state of discouragement, but I decided to look regardless of my feelings. Upon seeing a simple photo of three mothers standing with their children in front of lush green forests and vibrant homes, I broke down in tears. God ripped my heart in half for those people while giving me absolute peace and assurance in His plan. From that moment on… I knew where I was meant to be. 

Flashforward to July 1st, 2018: We started our trip with four days of training in Tampa, Florida. God formed beautiful friendships and taught us so much about Him and how we can serve Him to the fullest. On July 3rd, we had a campfire service where our leader, Dustan, preached and then led a “Call to Action”. When he asked us who was ready to commit their lives fully to missions, I didn’t even have a chance to think before I was up on my feet and in tears, once again. In that moment, I gave God my life and trusted in His plan more than ever before, regardless of what the sacrifice may be.   Read More